• Practical Guide To Christian Financial Freedom
Free Practical Guide To Christian Financial Freedom My wife and I used to search the furniture just to get enough money eat at McDonalds. We were broke...and just barely making it while going deeper in debt every single month. Debt collectors were calling us at all hours of the day and night. We struggled and thought about money constantly. We prayed. We pleaded. We stood on the Scriptures. We tithed and gave constantly believing for a return on our giving. But we never seemed to get ahead. The debt kept growing...and we kept feeling like we were always moving backward. It all changed the day I received the simple revelation.
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The last thing you need right now is to simply be told, "Have faith, God will supply for you." You've probably heard that enough that it grates your ears just hearing it. Yes, it's true. You need faith in God. But you also need to know what to do daily to walk in God's will for your life. You need practical answers...and proven easy-to-follow methods you, as a regular believer, can use to receive financial freedom in your life. It feels wonderful to be free from debt...to be able to serve God not just believing, but knowing all your bills are already paid. Free to serve the Lord...Give to those in need...and Live the life God has truely intended us to have. I've put together a complete home study course that covers everything you need to know about: How I Went From Broke, In Debt, And Working a Dead End Job to Becoming an Internationally Known Internet Consultant God's Step-By-Step Plan for You to Become Totally Debt Free Including Your Mortgage
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